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Real, but ugly, Unicorns

Unicorns – at least a version of a unicorn – made an appearance in the popular press this week. Kelli Bender of People published a brief article called: Fairy Tales Are Full of Lies: Unicorns Were Real, Lived with Humans and Weren’t that Cuterhino, unicorn (August 21, 2017).

In her piece she discusses Elasmotheriu sibiricum also known as the Siberian unicorn which lived in pre-historic times. The Siberian Unicorn resembles an ugly rhinoceros – not a beautiful horse. It went extinct about 29,000 years ago and roamed the Earth at the same time as pre-historic cave men.

Not exactly the classic image of a beautiful unicorn steed communing with fair maidens. Ah well, it may not be perfect, but it was real.

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