Best Unicorn Lunch Boxes for Back to School 2017

It is time for back to school. Keep things cool at lunch with a special unicorn lunch box.

Considerations for choosing a good lunch box:

  • Size: Choose a lunch box that is big enough to contain normal lunch pieces.
  • Carrying: Consider how the lunch box will be carried. By a handle? Attached to a backpack with a clip? Inside of a backpack?
  • Quality: Choose a good quality lunch box that can survive the wear and tear of daily use.
  • Accessories: Decide what else is needed. Consider: freezer packs, hard-sided sandwich boxes, thermos, plastic utensils, liquid containers, etc.
  • Style: Choose a lunch box that celebrates your signature style – like unicorns!

    Here are some great options chosen just for you. These work great for adults, too!

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